Education Compliance Marque is awarded to institutions that strive to provide the highest possible quality of education from within a safe and organised environment, which is grounded in strong values and complying with the law.

The Education Marque is a compliance benchmark award for boards, trustees and academy business managers to demonstrate Statutory Compliance for Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality and Security. All for a fraction of the cost of achieving an ISO standard.

We work with educators across the UK to reward and promote those whose premises and operations reach the level of regulatory compliance required to protect their students, staff and the local community.

Following assessment, you can receive one of three awards, depending on the level of compliance demonstrated. To achieve the higher levels of award, 0% tolerance of risk and an inclusive culture are strong factors.

Lack of resources, staff and time are big challenges for the education sector. As such, obtaining Education Compliance Marque is designed to be a straightforward and productive process. Our goal is to reward and celebrate leaders in the education sector.


  • Public Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Private Schools
  • Academies
  • Educational services

If you’re unsure whether Education Compliance Marque accreditation is right for you, call our friendly team who will be happy to help.


By gaining the Education Compliance Marque, you will be demonstrating a commitment to compliance in the areas of Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality and Security. This has proven to reduce operating costs such as insurance premiums and reduce the risks associated with breaching statutory legislation.

Your students, parents, staff and service providers can be secure in the knowledge that the organisation is committed to providing the highest levels of service and compliance.


Show compliance to auditors, stakeholders and parents.


Reduce risk across your premises.


Compliance Marque accreditation can reduce insurance premiums.

Ensure you meet legal requirements.


There is no minimum requirement to apply. Once you have completed registration, an assessment is completed by our qualified consultants.

If successful, your organisation will then be awarded one of the three Education Compliance Marque benchmarks, depending on the level of compliance demonstrated.


Following assessment by a qualified consultant, your organisation could be awarded with one of three prestigious Education Compliance Marque benchmarks. The level of award depends on a number of factors such as the level of legal compliance demonstrated and visible efforts made to operate within a moral, legal and socially responsible framework.

At any point during the initial application process or following previous accreditation, your organisation can re-submit an entry to gain a higher award such as Education Compliance Marque Silver or Education Compliance Marque Gold.

Legally compliant and safe

  • Compliant with Statutory Regulations
  • Policies and procedures in place
  • Communication between staff and management in place
  • Can demonstrate use of a Management System
  • Training matrix established and maintained
  • Training in place for all staff
  • Buildings and site maintained and safe for staff and visitors

Legally compliant and risk resilient with an inclusive culture

  • Maintaining bronze requirements effectively
  • Audit programme to support the organisations compliance activities
  • Can demonstrate use of an Integrated Management System
  • Regular meetings held to review Management Systems, policies & procedures
  • Inclusive culture for all
  • Invests in its people
  • Low level of risk activities

Leading innovation and excellence in legal compliance, safety and social responsibility

  • Maintaining silver requirements effectively
  • Policies and procedures in place with business continuity plan
  • High level of management involvement within the organisation
  • Operates an inclusive CSR policy
  • Demonstrates best practice techniques within their industry
  • Inclusive culture celebrating success
  • Community based activities taking place
  • 0% tolerance culture regarding risk

Do you have the desire to make an impact?

If you want to show the world that you not only comply with the law, but strive to achieve operational excellence, it can start here.

Compliance Marque has been provided to assist companies in demonstrating compliance regarding statute laws applicable to the size and scope of their organisation. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the adequacy and suitability of this assessment, Compliance Standard Group Ltd accepts no responsibility for any content added, edited or deleted by the client. Use of the Compliance Marque will not automatically guarantee that the organisation’s compliance is regarded as "suitable and sufficient" as there may be other non-conformance issues that have not been identified by the user. It is the user’s responsibility of Compliance Marque to ensure that it complies with all relevant statute law and regulations at all times. Randomised spot checks and on-site audits may be conducted during each 12-month period at locations identified at random to ensure the quality of the Compliance Marque is maintained.

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